Always Andersonville Monthly is a podcast produced by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce with Transistor; it brings together the month's interviews from the weekly Always Andersonville podcast.   

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Episode #5 (August 2018)

This month's expanded edition includes interviews with five guests:  

Joey Cranford, co-owner and CEO of Chicago Magic Lounge where the main attraction is the magic and can be experienced at three different spaces throughout the venue: at the front bar, in the 120 seat main cabaret-style theatre, and the more intimate 43 seat 654 Club. Chicago Magic Lounge is located at 5050 N. Clark Street in Andersonville and is open for magic, signature cocktails, and small bites seven days a week. 

 Larry Vodak and Sara Dinges

Larry Vodak and Sara Dinges

Larry Vodak, owner and shopkeeper of Scout, an urban furniture shop and design business located at 5221 N. Clark.  At Scout you will find vintage, reclaimed, repurposed furniture and industrial accessories.  

Terese Lang McDonald, owner of Candyality located at 5225 N. Clark.  Candyality carries thousands of bulk items and sweet treats including gummies, sours, taffy, and more. If you want to view paradise, close your eyes, make a wish and enter into a world of pure imagination. Just look for the sweet corner candy shop next to the blue Dala horse in Andersonville.

Bob Goins, owner of Classes on Clark.  Bob teaches guitar to people of all ages, and is currently located in the beautiful space above Brimfield at 5219 N. Clark. During this episode, Bob even plays a lovely rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to demonstrate fingerstyle guitar for our listeners!

Alma Gutierrez, founder and owner of Cassona Home Furnishings and Accessories, located at 5241 N Clark. Cassona has been serving the Andersonville community by offering affordable and high quality furniture since 1999.  Shoppers can discover smaller scale items such as vases and picture frames, as well as larger scale items like sofas and tables.

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Episode #4 (July 2018)

This month's expanded edition includes interviews with five guests:  

 Edgewater Candles'  Mark Towns  and  Stephen Pearlman

Edgewater Candles' Mark Towns and Stephen Pearlman

Harry Osterman, alderman of the 48th Ward, which includes the communities of Edgewater, Andersonville and Uptown’s Argyle Street. Alderman Osterman is a lifelong resident of the 48th Ward and prior to becoming alderman in 2011, Harry served in Springfield for 11 years as state representative of the 14th District. He is known for boots-on-ground public service, focusing on improving public safety, local neighborhood schools and supporting small businesses.

Candle creators Mark Towns and Stephen Pearlman (pictured), the duo behind our local favorite, Edgewater Candles. With scents like Cedar Lavender, Tobacco Tonka, and the ever-popular Fraser Fir during the winter months, these soy wax candles will warm up any office, home or studio. You can currently find Edgewater Candles stocked at Foursided in Andersonville (5061 N. Clark), at many markets around Chicago, and at the Andersonville Farmers Market this season.

Hallie Borden, owner of Milk Handmade and Honey Bridal, located next door to each other at 5137 and 5135 N. Clark.  Since 2012 Milk Handmade has been a destination women’s boutique that specializes in merchandise from local and independent designers and features not only apparel but one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories, soaps and candles.

  Chef Jennifer Kim  and general manager  Tegan Brace  

Chef Jennifer Kim and general manager Tegan Brace 

Ted Fournier, owner of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness Andersonville, located at 5609 N Clark Street. Orange Shoe is known for its amazing customer service and family-style vibe with options for cardio, strength and cross training, as well as kettle bell and yoga, and even nutrition counseling! Ted has quite the story to tell about overcoming a life-changing injury with the powerful remedy of proper physical therapy and training.

Chef Jennifer Kim and general manager Tegan Brace (pictured) of Passerotto, which opened its doors in May at 5420 N Clark. The Chicago Tribune called Passerotto “a culinary love letter to growing up Korean-American” and having grown up eating spaghetti with kimchi with her brother, Chef Jennifer brings fun Korean fare to Andersonville.

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 Pictured: hosts Laura Austin  & Joelle Scillia with guest Julieanne Ehr

Pictured: hosts Laura Austin  & Joelle Scillia with guest Julieanne Ehr

Episode #3 (June 2018)

This month's expanded edition includes interviews with five guests: Maybelline Pereda, the owner and founder of Cescas Margarita Bar and Grill, a Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Andersonville at 5403 N Clark; Rivendell’s Theatre's  artistic director Tara Mallen and ensemble members Krystel McNeil and Tuckie White, who discuss Rivendell's production of "The Cake," which had its Midwest premier at the Andersonville theater, 5779 N. Ridge Avenue; Searah Deysach, the owner of  Early to Bed, Chicago’s only women-oriented, trans-friendly, boy-friendly, queer, and all gender positive sex shop located at 5044 N Clark; freelance photographer Mike Rivera, who discusses his pathway to photography and what it was like to photograph over 20 Andersonville businesses for the very special publication of the newly redesigned 2018-19 edition of the Andersonville Neighborhood Guide; and Julieanne Ehre, founder and director of Pivot Arts and the Pivot Arts Festival. With a focus on creative producing, Pivot Arts bridges the gap between theater, dance, and contemporary performances and has showcased in Andersonville several times.  

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Episode #2 (May 2018)

This month's edition includes interviews with four guests: Rick Verkler (pictured bottom), the general manager of The Guesthouse Hotel (4872 N Clark); Sonat Birnecker Hart, co-owner, president, and founder of Andersonville’s KOVAL Distillery (5121 N Ravenswood); Matthew Buccilla (pictured top), co-owner of Andersonville's newly established modern men's lifestyle and supplies store, Cowboys and Astronauts (1478 W Summerdale Ave); and Karin Moen Abercrombie, executive director for the Swedish American Museum (located at 5211 N Clark), which has been an Andersonville institution since 1976!  Interviews are conducted by Laura Austin, Joelle Scillia, and Sara Dinges.

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Episode #1 (April 2018)

 Co-host Laura Austin and episode guest Georgia Jones

Co-host Laura Austin and episode guest Georgia Jones

On this inaugural episode, Laura Austin and Sara Dinges talk to Michael Bransford, owner of local bistro Vincent. Michael's story is a love story -- one about falling for this Midwest neighborhood in the big city of Chicago after leaving New York City.  And then Joelle Scillia and Laura talk to Georgia Jones, owner of Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy located at 5537 N Clark. Georgia tells us all about her pathway to mindfulness, learning to incorporate mindful activities into everyday life, and wanting to promote a family-friendly practice in Andersonville, the neighborhood she's called home for over 18 years. 

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