Sunday, April 15, 2018

Contemporary neo-soul from Lynsey Ann Moxie.  7:00 p.m. Free. 


A vocalist/songwriter rooted in black sound, Lynsey Ann Moxie’s lyrical storytelling, harmonies and ethereal journey is influenced by soul, rhythm and spoken word that indulges in the "dimensionality" of authentic experiences.

Lynsey Ann Moxie's music is an exploration of self and the world around her. A mix of soul, R&B and alternative hip-hop, her music is derived from her cultivation of moxie heard in lyrical story-telling and harmonies.

Described by listeners and music critics alike as having a sultry voice that "tells a story," Lynsey Ann thrives on creating an experience that is authentic and true to the sound that inspired her; from Phyllis Hyman to Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan to Nina Simone, her music is derived from the "dimensionality" of woman and her ability to talk about experiences through a lens of honest vulnerability.

For her Transistor show, Lynsey Ann will be grooving to harmonies of her own making, inspired by her newest EP "Forget Me Nots," with interdisciplinary expression through spoken word, movement, and homage to women who have inspired her to have courage to be vulnerable and radically womanist. She'll also perform new music that will be dropping in summer 2018, cultivated by the evolving political society of America.

Visit Lynsey Ann Moxie's website.