"The Factory" Chromalux Print


"The Factory" Chromalux Print

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Original art work by Tim Jarosz, printed on a 1/4" inch chromalux board with glossy finish and UV protected. The print will never fade and cannot be scratched off.

"The process I use to print my work is called sublimation printing," says Tim. "It’s a two-part printing process that includes printing my work out with special inks on paper and then heat pressing the image into the material it’s mounted on. This process gives the work a super glossy look. The images are printed on ¼ inch glossy chromalux hardwood board."

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Artist statement:
My work can be described as gritty digital urban landscape collages. It's a bit of a long process, even though sometimes my artwork only takes a few hours to create. It always starts with photography -- shooting lots of photos, mostly street photography. It then moves to digitally editing and collaging those photographs together and adding my own color and texture treatments. I wouldn't be able to create my style of work if I didn't use photography and graphic design equally. For me, they go hand in hand and both are a crucial part of what I call art.