Paper Parasol Press Illinois Letterpress Print, 8x10

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Paper Parasol Press Illinois Letterpress Print, 8x10


Says designer Cindy Tomczyk: My map series is inspired by vintage tea towels, souvenir plates, and road trips. The newer mass-produced souvenir pieces fall completely short of the products made in the past, so this is my modern take on something I love.

All prints are hand-pulled on a vintage Vandercook #3 1955 proof press, which means there may be slight differences between prints. The press is also entirely hand inking with no motor, but still weighs in at 1200 lbs.

3 color letterpress
size: 8"x10"
Printed on Cranes Lettra 110lb Pearl White, a beautiful cotton paper made for that letterpress "kiss"

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Paper Parasol Press is a letterpress and design studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our cards and limited-edition prints can be found in small metropolitan boutiques around the country. We combine inspiration from our Midwest and European roots with American Folk Art and a dash of California cool. We believe in illustration, sketchbooks, travel, and combining our love for traditional letterpress with modern technology. Paper and envelopes are made with 100% renewable energy.

Paper Parasol Press started as a little idea back in 2004, during the first two years of a long-distance relationship. While sending handcrafted cards a thousand miles back and forth, what first started as screen printing cards for fun, evolved into a letterpress love affair. In 2006, Chicago became the base of operations. In 2009, Olga came along. Olga, named after a favorite childhood animal at a Chicago zoo, is a Vandercook #3 Proofing Press. In 2012, we made the move from Chicago to San Mateo, California, still keeping close to our Midwest roots but always inspired by the California coast.

In a world of mass emails, wireless connections, fancy cell phones, and long work hours, isn't it nice to take the time to hand write a note? And of course, receiving is just as fun! Now, go write your little heart out!