David Bowie: Starman: A Coloring Book


David Bowie: Starman: A Coloring Book


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Chameleonic, hypnotising and utterly irreplaceable, David Bowie was more than just a pop star. More underdog than diamond dog, he was an inspiration to millions: a hot tramp from the streets of London, who proved that anything's possible when you follow your dreams. 
Whether posing as an electrifying alien rock god or a thin white duke, Bowie's career is a veritable kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors, styles and sounds. From Aladdin Sane to Ziggy Stardust, from Goblin King to China boy, from sharp-suited aristocrat to androgynous bohemian Queen, Starman collects black-and-white sketches of his most iconic looks, stardusted visions and stylistic moments. Filled with quotes, facts and memories of Bowie from those who knew him best, David Bowie: Starman offers a uniquely creative way to remember the Starman and his incredible life on Earth - essential reading for fans of every generation. 

Additional details:
Weight: 0.5lbs
Dimensions:  0.4" H x 10.0" L x 7.4" W
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 0859655504
Publisher: Plexus Publishing
Author: Laura Coulman
Pages: 64
Publication date:  May 10, 2016

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