Good Old Neon: Signs You're in Chicago


Good Old Neon: Signs You're in Chicago


Jacket Description/Flap:
"What constitutes a great sign? For me it's an elusive synchronicity of color, shape, typography, and iconography, enhanced by authenticity and eccentricity. Signs that have been maintained and still illuminate are always beguiling. The fragility of glass tubing continuously exposed to harsh Chicago weather makes the survival of an old sign a kind of urban miracle, deserving, at the least, of photographic preservation. Even the many that have outlived their functional glory days have their own visual appeal. Animated neon signs, working or not, are a special treat."

Nick Freeman, from the Foreword:
Delight in Chicago's rich neon heritage with this full-color collection of gaudy, garish, and downright spectacular signs. From the far South Side to the Wisconsin Dells, Good Old Neon documents the familiar and the obscure, capturing in over 130 photos these fast-disappearing artifacts of a glorious era when brightly lit signs filled the urban landscape.

Author Bio:  
Nick Freeman, a life-long resident of the Chicago area, has been involved with words and pictures throughout his professional career. Starting at Feldkamp-Malloy, one of the last of the old-time art studios in the city, he spent 30-plus years in advertising -- God help him -- serving as production director at Leo Burnett and other agencies. He now devotes his time and attention to his first love, oil painting, and has exhibited his work in a number of local and regional shows. His art, both paintings and photography, can be seen at He currently resides in St. Charles, Illinois.


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Weight:  .59 lbs
Dimensions: 0.24" H x 6.8" L x 7.49" W 
Binding: Paperback
ISBN:  189312181X
Publisher:  Lake Claremont Press
Author: Nick C. Freeman
Pages: 140
Publication date: November 21, 2014

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