Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story


Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story


Publisher Marketing: "Transformer" is the only complete and comprehensive telling of the Lou Reed story.

Legendary songwriter and guitarist Lou Reed passed away on the 27th October 2013, but his musical influence is assured. Now discover the true story of the Velvet Underground pioneer in this update of Bockris' classic biography.

"Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story" follows the great songwriter and singer through the series of transformations that define each period of his fifty-year career. It opens with the teenage electroshock treatments that dominated his memories of childhood and never stops revealing layer after layer of this complex and often anguished artist and man. "Transformer" is based on Reed's collaborations with the hardest and most romantic artists of his times, from John Cale, Andy Warhol, and Nico, through David Bowie, Robert Wilson, Laurie Anderson and the ghost of Edgar Alan Poe. Rippling underneath everything he did are Reed's relationships with his various muses, from his college sweetheart to his three wives (and one drag queen).

Leading Lou Reed biographer, Victor Bockris -- who knew Lou throughout the Rachel Years, from "Rock n Roll Animal" to the Bells -- updates his original biography in the wake of Reed's death. Through new interviews and photos, he reveals the many transformations of this larger-than-life character, including his final shift from Rock Monster to the Prince Charming he had always wanted to be in the twenty years he spent with the love of his life, Laurie Anderson . Except with Lou, you could never really know what might happen next

Including previously unseen photographs and contributions from Reed's innermost circle and collaborators that include similarly esteemed artists such as Andy Warhol and David Bowie, "Transformer" is as captivating and vivid a read as befits an American master."

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ISBN: 0007581890
Publisher: Harper
Author:  Victor Bockris
Pages: 560
Publication date:  October 23, 2014

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