"I Love You" Greeting Card by Survival Letterpress

Circle Heart.jpg
Circle Heart.jpg

"I Love You" Greeting Card by Survival Letterpress


Letterpress printed greeting card.

  • A2 size
  • Folded & blank on inside
  • Printed on 100# French Muscletone Construction Pure White
  • Comes with a kraft French Paper envelope
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Survival Letterpress was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Joey and Amanda Gross. Even though the establish date is recent, the dream of owning a small letterpress and design studio has been a long-awaited goal for both Joey and Amanda. What started out as a dream and hobby in a college apartment in Warrensburg, MO in 2011 has quickly turned into a reality.  Many long nights were spent cranking out printmaking projects on a scrapbooking machine coupled with a homemade exposure unit built out of scrap wood and UV black lights for processing plates. After college they weren’t really sure where the hobby would take them but after an extensive amount of research and a lot of digging they quickly started gathering more equipment and hauling it home on a trailer. Their journeys to find printing equipment have taken them all over the Midwest and they continue to travel to find the next treasure hidden in the back of a barn or old newspaper shop. After two years of finding and restoring equipment, printing out of basements and garages and fighting humidity and frigid temperatures in 2014, they stumbled upon Bonfire Space in Mission, KS and they finally had a place to call home for their studio.

The realization that this age-old trade has been around for hundreds of years and is still going strong is without a doubt a worthy enough reason to build a business based on this idea - it's survived. The machines themselves are a true testament of the determination of the print industry and more specifically the letterpress industry. There's something to be said about a printing press that's over a hundred years old still functioning and serving its well-earned purpose. Who knows how many people have stood in front of these machines and hand-fed paper into them, put oil in them and put ink on their rollers, and that's all the more reason to keep driving around with a trailer and rescuing every piece that we can from being scrapped. 


We hope that our ideas and vision will bring you fortitude and an eagerness to go out and appreciate the way things used to be.

Right now all the printed goods are being sold online, through a few retailers, and you can also pick them up at our studio location inside the Bonfire Space at 6104 Johnson Dr. in Mission Kansas.