June 26, 2016

Classic Album Sundays: The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead, 6:30 p.m. $5

After a successful celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, Transistor Chicago, Saturday Audio Exchange, CHIRP Radio, and event organizer Sam Willett are celebrating yet another album anniversary and will be listening to The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead in its entirety on vinyl.

Saturday Audio Exchange will be providing a custom-curated hi-fi audio system to make this experience come to life on vinyl. Sam will spin an all-vinyl playlist of artists that influenced and have been influenced by The Queen Is Dead to start things off. During this time, you can visit with some of the event's special guests and collaborators. When we have a full house, Sam will introduce the album and drop the needle. From there, your mind should be completely involved with the album and prepared for a musical adventure.

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