Sunday, December 10

Film screening: Michael Glover Smith presents PAUSE OF THE CLOCK with director Rob Christopher.  7:00 p.m.  

“This meta-cinematic coming-of-age drama centers around two roommates who secretly dream about one another. While Rob is off shooting a film, Dylan discovers Rob's diary and begins to see his friend in a new light. The reality of their lives and the fiction of the movie-within-the-movie begin to intertwine to reveal a story about the power of friendship and creativity alike." -- Matthew Campbell, Denver Film Festival. 

"A network of overlapping congruences and ambiguities worthy of the best gamesmanship of Rohmer and Resnais ... this film itself is an intricately sutured scar formed into 78 short minutes of astonishment." -- Kian S. Bergstrom, CINE-FILE


Pause of the Clock was shot in 16mm in 1995-1996 and finally completed 20 years later with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign. It premiered at the Denver Film Festival in 2015 and screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center in 2016.

Running time: 78 minutes. Suggested rating: PG.

For this Transistor screening, Michael Glover Smith will introduce the film and then lead a post-screening discussion with director Rob Christopher.

Rob Christopher (writer/director/producer/actor) graduated from Columbia College in 1997. He co-edited Tchavdar Georgiev’s Kosher Messiah, a personal documentary about anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union. He served as a features/documentaries programmer for the 29th Reeling Film Festival. He has written about film, cocktails and sundry other Chicago topics for the website Chicagoist since 2006 and is author of the books 100 Spinning Plates and Queue Tips: Discovering Your Next Great Movie. His next project, Roy's World: Barry Gifford & Chicago, will present an impressionistic portrait of 1950s Chicago as seen through the stories of Barry Gifford.