Tivoli Audio Albergo Clock Radio with Bluetooth: Blue/White


Tivoli Audio Albergo Clock Radio with Bluetooth: Blue/White


Tivoli Audio’s Albergo Clock Radio with Bluetooth was designed so that anyone can use it without confusion or frustration. The front panel controls are minimal and straightforward and the display will prompt you with instructional “hints” while using certain features, such as alarm setting. In moments you can tune the radio, set the dual alarms and activate the sleep timer without reaching for the manual.

Accessing the Bluetooth wireless technology is equally simple; after the push of a single button, you can pair and connect your smart phone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device and begin wirelessly streaming your favorite music to Albergo. All of these features are available on the included fully functional remote, though it is not necessary for you to use Albergo.

We use the same 3” full range, long-throw driver found in our highly acclaimed Model One table radio. This allows top-notch sound quality from a cabinet that occupies remarkably little space, unlike many of the clock radios found on the market today.



  • Stream music wirelessly through Albergo

  • Uses Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile

  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) results in low-to-no noise interference with other wireless devices

  • Digitalclock, sleep timer, snooze, independent dual alarms

  • Real-time clock keeps accurate time during power outages

  • Exceptional high fidelity sound

  • Optional stereo speaker available

  • Auxiliary input and stereo headphone output

  • Full function remote control included


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