February 27, 2016

Saturday night film screening: Beguiled Cinema presents the Iranian film FISH AND CAT 8:00 p.m. Free, BYOB.

FISH AND CAT is many things. It’s a frighteningly effective tribute to American slasher films, an absurdist black comedy, a poignant allegory about inter-generational strife in Iran, and a mind-blowing formal experiment. The film unfolds in an unbroken 130-minute shot, but not in “real time”– the story contains flashbacks, flash-forwards and possible hallucinations. It takes place around a secluded lake where a group of college students congregate for an annual kite-flying competition. There’s only one business in the area: a restaurant run by a couple of strange old cooks who just might be serving their customers human flesh. The roving camera circles the action, revisiting the same events from different perspectives and raising the question as to what, if anything, we see is real. Brilliantly executed and full of surprises, FISH AND CAT announces writer-director Shahram Mokri as a major filmmaker.

Beguiled Cinema’s Ben Sachs and Kathleen Sachs will introduce the film and lead a discussion about it following the screening. “Fish and Cat” was Ben Sachs’ favorite film of 2015.

Beguiled Cinema is a programming organization run by local film critics Ben Sachs and Kathleen Sachs.