Chicago Red Line Pillow by Zerobird Studio

Chicago Red Line Pillow by Zerobird Studio


16" square throw pillow screen-printed and sewn at Zerobird Studio in Chicago; these pillows are handmade with screen-printed fabric and natural linen. 

This view of the Chicago Red Line is from Waveland & Wilton. All images in this series are created from photos taken while biking around the city, following each line and enjoying the views.

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Jennifer Burak is the creative force behind Zerobird Studio. She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and was trained as a graphic designer before traveling to San Francisco, Germany, and Minneapolis to pursue a career in advertising as an art director. She finally settled into downtown Chicago in 2006, began biking, riding the L, falling in love with the city and, ultimately, with screen printing. What started as a weekend lesson with Steve Walters at Screwball Press in 2008, purely for fun, quickly became setting up a makeshift studio in the corner of her apartment and creating a brand to participate in the Renegade Craft Fair. Jennifer then began selling pillows and prints in stores around Chicago, spending any free moments printing and sewing and volunteering for screen-printing projects with people that were doing good things. In 2011, she made the decision to leave her full-time advertising job to focus on Zerobird and freelance as an art director. She also began teaching screen-printing classes to 4th-8th graders on the north side of Chicago, exposing them to the craft for the first time. Jennifer is still freelancing, loving Chicago and finally able to spend the majority of her time working out of the studio making pillows and prints.

The mission of Zerobird is to get good things out into the world. It starts with the creation of screen-printed designs that make people smile and hopefully enjoy sharing or having in their home or office. The sale of these items allows us to donate design and screen-printing services to people and organizations that do good things.

The name Zerobird is a tribute to The Jordans, two wonderfully unique peach-faced lovebirds that were cherished for many years.