Jon Monteverde hosts and curates In Store: Selections from Transistor's Live Performance Archive. As Transistor's live performance sound engineer, Jon has recorded more than 300 sets of live music at Transistor; on this monthly program, he showcases highlights from this collection.

About the Host
Jon Monteverde has been doing live sound and recording in-store performances for Transistor since 2012. He currently plays in the bands Boundary Waters and Decent People, and also does original music and sound design for commercials, documentaries, and Web stuff. Keep tabs on him at (and visit the Recordings page to find dozens of sets he has recorded for Transistor).

(sound by Jon Monteverde, except where noted)

Episode #60 (August 2018) 

Featured acts: Moongriffin (9/28/12), Marsden Giolas 

Episode #59 (July 2018)

Featured acts: Simeon Peebler (10/13/18), Stephen Chopek

Episode #58 (June 2018)

Featured acts: Cinchel (8/15/2014), Theron Humiston

Episode #57 (May 2018)

Featured acts: Dan Meinhardt Quartet (2-7-14), Black Diamond Quartet

Episode #56 (April 2018)

Featured acts: Illinois Bovine Explosion (3/15/2013), Liz Bagby

Episode #55 (March 2018)

Featured acts: Kiku Hibino, hicksoncompactgroup

Episode #54

Featured acts: Axons (11/15/13), Ana Munteanu (4/18/14)

Episode #53 (August 2016)

Featured acts: Outset, Savage Sister

Episode #52 (July 2016)

Featured acts: Protman, Mystery Crash 

Episode #51 (3-30-16)

Featured act: COINS 

Episode #50 (3-16-16)

Featured act: Joe Adamik

Episode #49 (2-24-16)

Featured act: Project Film

Episode #48 (2-17-16)

Featured act: Eeasy Prizes (experimental disco)

Episode #47 (2-10-16)

Featured act: The Morphtet (piano-based groove ensemble in trio form)

Episode #46 (1-27-16)

Featured act: Smacksoft (folk punk)

Episode #45 (1-20-16)

Featured act: Malena Quartet (jazz)

Episode #44 (1-13-16)

Featured act: onewayness (ambient)

Episode #43 (12-16-15)

Featured act: Xelmya (contemporary classical)

Episode #42 (12-9-15)

Featured act: Matt Campbell (roots, Americana)

Episode #41 (12-2-15)

Featured act: Jim Baker (jazz)

Episode #40 (11-18-15)

Featured act: Steven Gilpin (folk rock)

Episode #39 (11-11-15)

Featured act: Bode Radio (electronic)

Episode #38 (11-4-15)

Featured act: The New Samuel Mösching Trio (jazz)

Episode #37 (10-28-15)

Featured act: The Hit Back (indie pop)

Sound by Dominic Armstrong.

Episode #36 (10-21-15)

Featured act: The Astronomer (folk pop)

Episode #35 (10-14-15)

Featured act: Jenny Gillespie with Shahzad Ismaily (singer-songwriter)

Sound by Dominic Armstrong.

Episode #34 (10-7-15)

Featured act: Visager (electronic)

Episode #33 (9-30-15)

Featured act: Jon Langford with Jim Elkington and Julian Dawson (folk rock, Americana)

Sound by Dominic Armstrong.

Episode #32 (9-16-15)

Featured act: hicksoncompactgroup (ambient guitar)

Episode #31 (9-9-15)

Featured act: SUN SPEAK (jazz, postrock)

Episode #30 (9-2-15)

Featured act: Brendan Losch (indie folk)

Episode #29 (8-12-15)

Featured act: Ty Maxon (folk)

Episode #28 (8-5-15)

Featured act: The Ladybug Transistor (indie pop)

Episode #27 (7-29-15)

Featured act: Patrick Cosmos (electronic)

Episode #26 (7-15-15)

Featured act: Brash Flair (electronic pop)

Episode #25 (7-8-15)

Featured act: Hospitality (indie pop)

Sound by Dominic Armstrong with assistance from Janna McCluskey; special thanks to Jay Lowe at Merge Records, and to Ray Quinn and Ted Dunham at Martyrs'.

Episode #24 (7-1-15)

Featured act: Videobug (electronic)

Episode #23 (6-24-15)

Featured act: Stein/Reid/Daisy (free jazz)

Episode #22 (6-17-15)

Featured act: Phraim (instrumental hip-hop)

Episode #21 (6-10-15)

Featured act: Frankenstein Earphone Radio (experimental)

Episode #20 (6-3-15)

Featured act: Calvin Conway with Mary Porzelt (blues, roots)

Episode #19 (5-26-15)

Featured act: Rainbo Video (electronic pop)

Episode #18 (5-19-15)

Featured act: Scuttlebuggs (folk pop)

Episode #17 (5-12-15)

Featured act: Brice & The Inklings ('indietronica')

Episode #16 (5-5-15)

Featured act: Coppice (experimental)

Episode #15 (4-28-15)

Featured act: Charles Mantis (electronic, jazz)

Episode #14 (4-21-15)

Featured act: Jonah Parzen-Johnson (free jazz)

Episode #13 (4-14-15)

Featured act: Dreamers of the Ghetto (indie rock)

Sound by Dominic Armstrong.

Episode #12 (4-7-15)

Featured performers:

Anna Soltys (folk)

Nino Arobelidze (world pop)

Episode #11 (3-24-15)

Featured performers:

La Patrie (indie soul)

SRS Organ Trio (jazz)

Episode #10 (3-17-15)

Featured performers:

Millipede (dark ambient)

Mereology (experimental electronic)

Episode #9 (3-10-15)

Indie folk from featured performers:

Kevin Rieg & Neil Erker of Many Places (indie folk)

Rows of Arrows (indie rock)

Episode #8 (3-3-15)

Selections from our jazz back-catalog with featured performers:

Caroline Davis Quartet (jazz)

Joe Adamik (jazz, electronic)

Episode #7 (2-24-15)

Featured performers:

Bed Rest (experimental folk)

Slowbots (world)

Episode #6 (2-17-15)

Featured performers:

Del Dot (electronic)

Max Abstrax (electronic)

Episode #5 (2-10-15)

Featured performers:

Terrible Spaceship

Byzantine Time Machine

Episode #4 (2-3-15)

Instrumental hip-hop recordings with featured performers:

Radius (instrumental hip-hop)

Harris Cole (instrumental hip-hop)

Episode #3 (1-27-15)

Featured performers:

Low Swans (indie rock)

Spaces of Disappearance (pop)

Episode #2 (1-20-15)

Ambient electronic recordings with featured performers:

Subnaught (experimental)

Neil Jendon (experimental)

Episode #1 (1-13-15)

This week folk is the focus with featured performers:

Nana Zabic (folk)

Justin Turner (folk)

Ryan Suzuka (folk)