Kent Drake Morien

As a professional photographer in the service side of the industry, it is much less common these days for me to shoot fine art in the true sense of the word. My days, weeks and months are filled with image making, but it was important to challenge myself to shoot a series intended for gallery display. I learned my craft not in the classroom, but out on the streets. At its inception, photography for me was nothing more than a hobby, but after a few years of living and traveling through Asia, I trained my eye to always be looking for lines, color, contrast, shapes, faces and more. When I reflect now, I see that architecture was a big part of my early shooting process. It’s no surprise that I chose this subject for the work at Transistor. 

My approach to this series was to highlight the storied and iconic architecture of Chicago and accent it with the beautiful natural grain of the wood canvas. This literally makes every print unique to the next, as the tattooed ink only tells half of the story. I chose to shoot in both a broad and personal perspective, ranging from the iconic skyline, to the steel work of our famous drawbridges and structures. With the rich contrast of the black & white prints complemented by the warm tone of the color images, there is a little something for everyone. Specifically, you will notice that several of the black & white prints are shot in a unique upward perspective. I considered this a mini-series within the series. The concept was to show the juxtaposition of some of our most recognizable buildings and their neighbors. Chicago would also not be what it is without its water system. Lake Michigan and the Chicago River play an integral part in our history, and we’ve done a beautiful job of building around it. 

All of these prints are straight photography. Anything white in the images goes unprinted, allowing amazing details in the shadows. It’s a truly unique way to display art in your home or office, and comes ready to hang as you see it now. No frames, glass or matting need, just anchor into the wall and slide on. Thank you for viewing the images; I hope they can make an impact in your home or office.