March 5, 2016

Special Saturday night event: Joe Adamik New Record Listening Party and Performance.  8:00 p.m. Free, BYOB.  

After many years of playing drums behind bands like Iron and Wine, Chadwick Stokes, Manishevitz, Freakwater, Rebecca Gates, The Fire Show, Bevel and as principal multi-instrumentalist member for the experimental rock band Califone, Joseph Adamik has put forward “Super Low," a collage of songs starting at some primordial beginning and ending with an uncertain domestic big bang. 

After leaving Califone in the beginning of 2012, that collaborative energy was focused towards what became a solo project.  The songs evolved from years of internalizing the form structure of bands like Captain Beefheart and the improvisations of Miles Davis’ groups - mixed with new compositions that are as much inspired by Ron Wood solo records as Gustaf Mahler.

Starting in mid 2012, the recording process evolved from demo recordings, and after a few failed attempts at recreating the songs with a full band, the process returned to the original demos and focused on embracing the low-fi qualities in the spirit of bands like the Latin Playboys, or Miighty Flashlight, with Adamik playing many of the varied instruments himself: bass clarinet, alto clarinet, tremeloa, celeste, piano, guitar, drums and electronic manipulation through vintage samplers.  Mostly recorded at home with additional recording at Strobe Studios and mixing at Minbal Studios, the recording was finished at the beginning of 2015.  Adamik’s unique musical language that has been utilized in so many situations over the past 20 years can now be heard alone. 

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