Rossana Reformado

I am a Chicago-based photographer specializing in various photographic techniques.  My early work reflects the classic technique of using Polaroid SX-70 time zero film to create manipulations with a painterly effect.  Before Polaroid discontinued this film, I manipulated a collection of cities that include Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and various European cities.  I decided to share the uniqueness of this film by focusing on affordable functional art in the form of handmade coasters and magnets, as well as necklaces, Christmas tree ornaments and woodblock prints.  Currently, my portfolio has expanded to include images of Chicago neighborhoods, landmarks and signs.

The photographs of Ansel Adams inspired me to photograph and travel to national parks throughout the U.S. Later on, photographer Mark Southard, who was also a Polaroid consultant, introduced me to various Polaroid film and photographic techniques. His encouragement and support helped me find a niche, which ultimately helped in building the business that I have today.