April 2, 2016

Saturday night film screening: SHITCAGO.  8:00 p.m. Free. BYOB. 

In its minimal and non-traditional plot, SHITCAGO follows a seemingly mundane day in the life of a young loner living in Chicago as he wanders around the city and encounters many idiosyncratic characters.

Director's Bio: Nick Alonzo is an independent, self-taught filmmaker born and raised in Chicago. Fascinated with cinema at an early, impressionable age, Nick learned the ropes of film making and pursued his interest by renting movies from public libraries and doing his own personal research on the Internet and through books. In 2013, he directed, wrote, edited and financed his first short film SHITCAGO, a dark-comedy short about a man bleeding to death after accidentally getting a paper cut. The short film was shot on a $30 budget, edited within a week, and was then selected and screened at Columbia College for the 2013 CineYouth Film Festival. In the summer of 2014 and after becoming a father, Nick challenged himself to make his first feature-length film, SHITCAGO, a no-plot satirical comedy. Loosely based on a few personal events and people he met while living in Chicago all of his life, the film follows a young loner as he wanders the city of Chicago and encounters many idiosyncratic characters. After overcoming many obstacles during production, SHITCAGO was finally completed in the summer of 2015 and screened at several local venues, including Comfort Film located in Logan Square. The film was then picked up for distribution by Emphasis Entertainment and is currently available for purchase. Nick is planning to shoot his next feature film this upcoming summer and hopes for a 2017 completion date. The film is a comedic six-part anthology film set in six different areas in the city of Chicago. He is also currently interning at the Chicago High School for the Arts and finishing his Associates in Arts at Harold Washington College. 

Visit the SHITCAGO Facebook and Tumblr pages.