Transistor Radio for the week of January 13-19, 2016

This week on In Store: Selections From Transistor's Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde has a May 2015 set from Adam Holquist, an experimental electronic musician from Erie, Pennsylvania, who works under the name onewayness. He uses hardware and software, synths, spoken word and field recordings, and a variety of acoustic and electric instruments to create atmospheric compositions that draw influence from vintage Berlin-school electronic music, minimalism, post-rock and contemporary electronic 'listening music.' For his performance at Transistor, Adam played a continuously flowing set, combining composed and improvised pieces for modular synthesizer, guitar(s), controllers, and software instruments and effects.

The seventh episode of The White City Cinema Radio Hour is the first of 2016, and host Michael Smith mixes things up by becoming an interview subject himself and allowing critic David J. Fowlie (Keeping It Reel) into the interviewer's chair. Fowlie interviews Smith about his indie feature Cool Apocalypse. Joining Smith as interview subject are Cool Apocalypse's producer Clare Kosinski and lead actress Chelsea David. Rounding out the program is a spirited debate between Fowlie and Smith concerning Quentin Tarantino's controversial The Hateful Eight.

Gems of the Week are a mix of chill, progressive hip-hop and future R&B, and it's her first show since November! (Welcome back, AG.)

On The Good Music Show, Scott & Odie and Stereo Hysteria's Charlie Crane offers up a set of songs that are 'Alright,' with selections from The Zombies, ELO, Supergrass and more.

And as always, Andy Miles kicks things off with 15 Songs. This week he's got a double edition of 30 songs, with music by Sharon Van Etten, David Bowie, Joy Division, Damien Jurado, Father John Misty, Animal Collective, Real Estate, The Modern Lovers, Lou Reed and more.

We hope you'll have a listen.


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