Transistor Radio for the month of April 2016

On In Store: Selections From Transistor's Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde has a 2013 set from Coins, a Chicago duo comprised of Angela Mullenhour and Ellen Bunch, whose "ethereal tiki torching and unfussy instrumentation" "come together full-time to conjure haunted spectres of late-night beach folk trafficking heavily in what is not said."  So said about their 2011 album "Recital Pressures," from which some of the songs in their Transistor set were taken.     

This week's Bring Your Own Beat contribution comes from Atticus Lazenby, a multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer. Originally from Maine, he studied music at Bennington College in Vermont. Shortly after moving to Chicago in 2014, Atticus formed the Atticus Lazenby Group, a jazz/funk/fusion sextet that performs original instrumental music. He also is one-half of a duo project with saxophonist Ben Schmidt-Swartz; the two have performed at Transistor twice, and you can listen to both sets from links on the Bring Your Own Beat page.   The piece, called "Pins," is an improvisation on bass and electronics. 

Depth of Field's Danielle Echols talks to 20-year-old Chicago director Nick Alonzo, whose 2015 film SHITCAGO will be screened at Transistor Saturday night, April 2.  In its minimal and nontraditional plot, SHITCAGO follows a seemingly mundane day in the life of a young loner living in Chicago as he wanders around the city and encounters many idiosyncratic characters.   Director Nick Alonzo is an independent, self-taught filmmaker born and raised in Chicago.  In the summer of 2014 and after becoming a father, Nick challenged himself to make his first feature-length film. Loosely based on a few personal events and people he met while living in Chicago all of his life, the film follows a young loner as he wanders the city of Chicago and encounters many idiosyncratic characters.  

Andrea Garces' Gems are a mix of trip-hop, electro soul, French hip-hop & rap, beats, nu-jazz/swing.   In this expanded 82-minute installment she has 2016 tracks from Nicobox, Pretty Lights and Tessellated, and much more.  The Good Music Show has a set of "indie rock to cheers your friends by ...or goodbye."  First three tracks on this week's setlist are from Galaxie 500, The Feelies and Hüsker Dü.  Tune in to find out what comes after!  And Stereo Hysteria's Charlie Crane has an hour of songs with the theme "Kids," with music from Vampire Weekend, They Might Be Giants, Wilco and more.  

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