Transistor Radio for the month of August 2016

This month on In Store: Selections From Transistor's Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde has recordings from Outset (modern jazz) and Savage Sister (dream pop).   Outset (pictured) is Dan Meinhardt's current project. Formed in 2013, the group has joined Chicago's diverse musical landscape with trumpeter Justin Copeland, bassist Tim Ipsen, and drummer Andrew Green joining saxophonist Meinhardt, who leads the quartet through challenging yet accessible original compositions and arrangements. The group, modeled on Ornette Coleman's classic chordless quartets, maintains the spontaneous, conversational nature of Coleman's highly improvised music. Savage Sister is a Chicago-based dream pop band that melds the hazy textures of shoegaze with big electronic beats. The band is made up of Michael Tenzer on synths, Chloe Lundgren on vocals and synths, and Caitlin Klask on bass. Formed in St. Louis in May of 2012, the group migrated to Chicago later that year. In June of 2013, Savage Sister released their self-titled debut, which drew a good amount of praise from the blogosphere. 

On Depth of Field Danielle Echols talks to Ife Olatunji, director and founder of Collected Voices, Chicago's first and only ethnographic film festival.  Transistor will host a festival screening Saturday night, August 27th.  They talk about that event and all of the other festival screening nights, in this, the second year of the festival, which blends together fiction and documentary media from diverse Chicago filmmakers in academia and art.   

Our Bring Your Own Beat contribution comes from Katie Shlon, an interdisciplinary artist and musician living in Greensboro, North Carolina. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The original track she has created for Transistor Radio, "Wood - Walking Outside," was recorded in March and June 2016, compiling cassette field recordings from the Scottish highlands and instrument recordings in North Carolina, specifically the Appalachian dulcimer and guitar.

This month on Interlopin', DJ Tashtego has a mix he calls Bonfire Beats; it brings together a tempest of 2016's best tracks to date with deep cuts from Tashtego's library that just hadn't managed to find a home in a mix yet. The resulting anxious energy, with glimmers of light amid the dark brew of underground beats, reminds one of John Milton's description of the netherworld: darkness visible. Stick around for the closing quintet of tracks from John Talabot, The Field, Fort Romeau, and Lindstrom.

Blame It On the Boogie: Disco, Funk and Soul from DJ Lechstafari is an all-vinyl set recorded live in store Thursday, July 28.  

Both DJ Bloodshot Scott's Sideshow and The Good Music Show with Scott & Odie were recorded live in July at the Gman Tavern.  

And Stereo Hysteria host Charlie Crane has an hour of songs that fall under the category of summer, with music from Young Fresh Fellows, Electric Light Orchestra, Weezer and more. 

And at the top of the player, Andy Miles kicks things off with 15 Songs.  This time he has cuts from Real Estate, Bob Dylan, Andy Stott, Wye Oak and more.   

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