Transistor Radio is the monthly webcast of Transistor. Tune in to hear programs featuring indie & archival rock, Americana, electronica, house, disco, funk and soul, tracks from our live performance archive, original sound pieces specially made for Transistor Radio, interview and discussion programs, and more.  


This month on In Store: Selections From Transistor's Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde has recordings from experimental solo acts Cinchel and Theron Humiston.

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Until April 2018 Bring Your Own Beat was the show in which Transistor Radio invited sound artists of all kinds to create an original piece. Beginning this month BYOB has become a platform for guest DJs to craft and present a playlist of songs.  Adam Rust, co-owner of Andersonville "fringe antiques" shop Woolly Mammoth, is our first guest DJ! He offers a mix of songs that he calls "dark, sort of funny, and tongue in cheek," which he considers "a really good explanation of what exactly Woolly Mammoth is."  He covers musical terrain that stretches from Man Man to Evelyn Evelyn. 

Emotional Rescue returns with a fun and often funky exploration of all things 1970-1980, with plenty of air time given to pop, disco, soul, funk, punk, reggae, Afrobeat, New Wave, classic rock, and even some occasional jazz.  Andy Miles hosts; on this episode he has music from David Bowie, The Kinks, Jermaine Jackson, Tom Waits and more.  

Scott and Odie return with a new episode of The Good Music Show.  They say this: "While nestled under the covers, we listen to tunes and think 'we should cover this tune'…and we cover them… with love.  As you might have guessed it, round two of brilliant cover songs.  Make sure to grab a blanket."

Sideshow returns with a new episode after a hiatus of almost two years. Says host DJ Bloodshot Scott about the episode: "This month I’m honored and humbled to pay tribute to the venerable indie roots label Checkered Past Records. I had the unique privilege of riding herd over this stable of peerless artists as Label Manager, for five-plus years. Through equal parts tirelessness, sacrifice and luck, we garnered critical acclaim and the attention of artists who we deeply respected ... all from my dining room on Roscoe Street, in Chicago. Halcyon days, and it paved the way for my next decade and a half as label manager at the lofty Bloodshot Records. A true gift, and here’s what it was all for…the music. These are musicians’ musicians: not merely incredible talents but, more importantly, genuinely wonderful people. Hats tipped and pinkies raised to Larry Lipson, Eric Babcock and Yvonne Schaefer Bates, wherever she may be. It has always been a labor of love. Enjoy."


We hear from the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, with a Transistor-produced monthly omnibus version of their Always Andersonville weekly podcast.  This month's expanded edition includes interviews with five guests: Maybelline Pereda, the owner and founder of Cescas Margarita Bar and Grill, a Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Andersonville at 5403 N Clark; Rivendell’s Theatre's  artistic director Tara Mallen and ensemble members Krystel McNeil and Tuckie White, who discuss Rivendell's production of "The Cake," which had its Midwest premier at the Andersonville theater, 5779 N. Ridge Avenue; Searah Deysach, the owner of  Early to Bed, Chicago’s only women-oriented, trans-friendly, boy-friendly, queer, and all gender positive sex shop located at 5044 N Clark; freelance photographer Mike Rivera, who discusses his pathway to photography and what it was like to photograph over 20 Andersonville businesses for the very special publication of the newly redesigned 2018-19 edition of the Andersonville Neighborhood Guide; and Julieanne Ehre, founder and director of Pivot Arts and the Pivot Arts Festival. With a focus on creative producing, Pivot Arts bridges the gap between theater, dance, and contemporary performances and has showcased in Andersonville several times.  (Pictured: Always Andersonville hosts Laura Austin and Joelle Scillia with guest Julieanne Ehre.)


On This Show Will Change Your Life, comedian Dave Maher talks to creative people about a movie, song, book, even a piece of furniture that changed their lives in ways big or small, obvious or surprising. This month Dave talks to comedian Chris Santiago about a picture of a painting of a family tree (pictured) at his grandfather's house in the Philippines.

Cine-File, the Chicago guide to independent and underground cinema, is now in podcast form as Cine-Cast.  On episode #4 of the Cine-Cast, Cine-File associate editors Ben and Kat Sachs introduce the episode—banter ensues between the married critics; contributor JB Mabe interviews Chicago Underground Film Festival programmer and artistic director Bryan Wendorf about the upcoming festival (June 6-10), now in its 25th year; associate editor Kat Sachs interviews local filmmaker and all-around delightful human Lori Felker about her new film, FUTURE LANGUAGE: THE DIMENSIONS OF VON LMO, which is the closing night film at CUFF; associate editor Ben Sachs and contributors Kian Bergstrom and Kyle Cubr discuss the "Stanley Kubrick: The Filmworker Series" at the Music Box Theatre, during which Ben tells a joke about Kubrick that you won't want to miss.  

And at the top of the player, Andy Miles kicks things off with 15 Songs.  This time he has a special double edition (30 songs!) with music from Spoon, Wild Belle, Warpaint, Cat Power, The Replacements and more.   

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