Transistor Radio for the week of December 9-15, 2015

This week on In Store: Selections From Transistor’s Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde has a 2014 set from Americana auteur Matt Campbell, who played Transistor on the heels of his release ‘Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music.’ A one-time Chicago resident, Matt currently resides in Nashville, TN. He was named a 'need to hear’ by American Songwriter magazine. For this Transistor set Matt was joined by guitarist Mike Wolf and bassist Andrew Wilkins. Campbell reached into an ever growing, poetic and powerful catalog of songs to spin tales of 'love, travel, introspection and times gone by.’

Depth of Field has two guest segments this week, the first with three members of The Ayuda Quartet, the second with comedian Dave Maher.

With their love of chamber music and art, the quartet launched the Flow Concert Series in the summer of 2015. Flow brings music from the concert hall to small spaces in celebration of the intimacy of music and art.

The series is deliberately intimate, taking place in modest spaces, specifically designed to highlight the personal, emotional and intrinsic connection between the listener and the performers. Flow performances include poetry, visual arts and dance in combination with a set of musical pieces and songs. In November The Ayuda Quartet launched a monthly concert series at Transistor, Second Sundays at Six. The next of these will be Sunday, December 13. In October, Depth of Field contributor Danielle Echols talked to three members of the quartet, Myra Hinrichs, Liz Oar and Danielle Seaman. We have their conversation, which includes several in-store performances.

After being in a month-long diabetic coma, during which he was almost taken off life support and subsequently eulogized on Facebook, Dave Maher woke up to find himself like Tom Sawyer at his own internet funeral. “Dave Maher Coma Show” is the comedian’s story of what happened and how, plus all the jokes and questions it spawned: What’s the grossest part of coming out of a coma? What’s the best way to flirt with nurses in physical rehab? What now? The one-man show starring Dave Maher and directed by Dan Shar is running at the Annoyance Theater, 851 West Belmont Avenue in Chicago. The final two performances are coming up, Friday December 11 and 18. Last week Depth of Field contributor Danielle Echols talked to Dave Maher about the show and his story. We have their conversation in the second half of this week’s show.

On The White City Cinema Radio Hour’s December episode, host Michael Smith welcomes Chicago-based film critics Daniel Nava and Jason Coffman to talk about the year in film; the three each count down their top five favorite films of the year – with commentary – as well as engage in a passionate discussion of the most overrated and underrated movies of the year.

We hope you’ll have a listen.


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