Transistor Radio for the week of February 3-9, 2015

This week brings the debut of a show: “DJ Bloodshot Scott’s Sideshow,” a showcast of roots music presented by Scott Schaefer of Bloodshot Records. Also, this week tune in to hear the experimental electronic sounds of Keebs (aka Kiera Stevens) on “Bring Your Own Beat,” instrumental hip-hop from Radius and Harris Cole on Jon Monteverde’s “In Store: Selections from Transistor’s Live Performance Archive,” and new music from Sleater-Kinney, Dengue Fever, Dodos and Emmy the Great on Andy Miles’ “15 Songs.” And much more!



In Store

15 Songs



Stereo Hysteria

Gems of the Week

Bring Your Own Beat


Transistor Radio is the weekly webcast of Transistor. Tune in to hear programs featuring indie & archival rock, Americana, electronica, house, tracks from our live performance archive, original sound pieces specially made for Transistor Radio, interview and discussion programs, and more.