Transistor Radio for the week of March 3-9, 2015

This week we have two change-ups. “Bring Your Own Beat” takes a break from musical explorations to hand the mic over to Chicago story teller and actor Kevin Gladish; originally recorded for Transistor Radio in April 2011, he tells three witty, poignant stories, what he calls his Cleveland trio. And “Interlopin’” finally, in DJ Tashtego’s words, lives up to its promise to add indie rock to the mix, with “Indie Incendiary,” a look back at the best songs of 2014. Jon Monteverde has curated his first selection of jazz for “In Store: Selections From Transistor’s Live Performance Archive,” with sets from the Caroline Davis Quartet and Joe Adamik. Dubstep and deep house tracks are among Andrea Garces’ “Gems of the Week.” Charlie Crane’s “Stereo Hysteria” pays tribute to the smile with songs from My Bloody Valentine, Flaming Lips, The Rolling Stones and more. DJ Bloodshot Scott is back with “Sideshow,” where he unearths, examines and displays roots music in its myriad forms. And at the top of the radio player, one of Andy Miles’ “15 Songs” is a new of Montreal track from the album out this week. We hope you’ll have a listen!



In Store

15 Songs



Stereo Hysteria

Gems Of The Week

Bring Your Own Beat


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