Transistor Radio for the week of May 5-11, 2015

This week on In Store: Selections From Transistor’s Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde features a 2013 recording from Coppice, the Chicago-based duet of bellows and electronics. Bring Your Own Beat has an original piece from Chicago electronic musician Christina Dennaoui, working under the name Volutes; she describes the track, “Spectres,” as an “exercise in taking disparate pieces and coalescing them into something expansive, organic. Some of these ideas will performed live at Transistor this Friday night, May 8th.” The latest Interlopin’ mix from DJ Tashtego is “Eclipse: Deep House for a Dark Spring.” Andrea Garces’ Gems of the Week include electronic, tech house, future beat/r&b and hip-hop tracks, while Lechstafari offers up a “special Baltimore club mix made in support of the movement in Baltimore” for Blame It On The Boogie: Deep & Dirty Disco, Funk & Soul. Scott & Odie are back with an all-Monkees edition of The Good Music Show and Charlie Crane talks to Adam Kline of Golden Shoulders, Stereo Hysteria’s May featured artists of the month. And Andy Miles’ 15 Songs kicks things off as always. We hope you’ll have a listen.



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15 Songs


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Bring Your Own Beat

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