Transistor Radio for the weeks of July 15-28, 2015

This week on In Store: Selections From Transistor’s Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde features a 2015 recording by Chicago electronic pop duo Brash Flair.

This week’s Bring Your Own Beat contribution comes from April Faith-Slaker, using a looper, pedal effects and extended techniques (such as using found objects to alter the sound of the cello) to layer sound and melodies.Interlopin’s four-part desert island set concludes with songs for brooding on what used to be, from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, The Arcade Fire, Andrew Bird, Nick Drake, Radiohead, New Order, and Atlas Sound. With them, the sun sets on Interlopin’s first phase, as DJ Tashtego heads off for the western horizon.

Andrea Garces’ Gems of the Week returns with a mix of electronic, glitch hop and downtempo, and Blame It On The Boogie: Deep & Dirty Disco from Lechstafari brings another all-vinyl DJ set. Further down the player, Scott & Odie are back with a new installment of The Good Music Show, and “Mind” is the theme this week on Stereo Hysteria, as host Charlie Crane offers up an hour of tracks along that theme. As always, Andy Miles kicks things off with 15 Songs; this week he has a bevy of new releases, including tracks from Tame Impala, Leon Bridges, The Chemical Brothers with St. Vincent, Thee Oh Sees, and more. We hope you’ll have a listen.



In Store

15 Songs


Stereo Hysteria

Gems of the Week

Bring Your Own Beat

The Good Music Show

Blame It On The Boogie


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