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Transistor Radio for the week of August 5-August 11, 2015

This week on In Store: Selections From Transistor’s Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde features a summer 2011 set by Merge Records recording artists The Ladybug Transistor, who were in town promoting what remains their most recent record, “Clutching Stems.” It’s 22 minutes of meticulously crafted, smartly performed Baroque pop, recorded by Dominic Armstrong as a “Sunday Session” in the last days of our original Andersonville location.

This week’s Bring Your Own Beat contribution comes from Cinchel, using a Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano he purchased last year at Transistor. Says Cinchel: “I really like this little instrument, but I didn’t have time to work out a live set around it. As a consolation, I wrote these two songs using only it with some manipulation and looping in the computer. I wanted to both show off the power of this little keyboard, and I enjoy imposing limitations on myself. I love playing guitar, but sometimes it’s refreshing to look at the notes available in a different way and to do something that is less intuitive.” Cinchel has performed live at Transistor three summers running; you can find recordings of all three sets

Andrea Garces’ Gems of the Week returns with a mix of tech house and deep house, and Blame It On The Boogie: Deep & Dirty Disco, Funk & Soul from Lechstafari serves up another all-vinyl DJ set. As always, Andy Miles kicks things off with 15 Songs; this week he has new music from Courtney Barnett and Giorgio Moroder with Britney Spears covering Suzanne Vega. We hope you’ll have a listen.


In Store

15 Songs

Gems of the Week

Bring Your Own Beat

Blame It On The Boogie


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