Transistor Radio for the week of September 2-September 8, 2015

This week on In Store: Selections From Transistor’s Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde features a summer 2014 recording from Chicago indie folk singer Brendan Losch.

Our latest Bring Your Own Beat contribution comes from Robert Valentine working under the name Reaktorplayer. Robert has been experimenting with electronic music since 1972. Using Native Instruments Reaktor software and several hardware devices, he generates a broad range of highly unpredictable sounds that are controlled by MIDI guitar and keyboard.

Andrea Garces’ Gems of the Week are a mix of trip-hop, ambient, downtempo, electronic and neo-soul, and Blame It On The Boogie: Disco, Funk and Soul from Lechstafari is back with an all-new all-vinyl DJ set.

Further down the player, DJ Bloodshot Scott returns with a scorching new episode of Sideshow, and Stereo Hysteria host Charlie Crane has a two-hour celebration of love songs.

We hope you’ll have a listen.



In Store


Stereo Hysteria

Gems of the Week

Bring Your Own Beat

Blame It On The Boogie


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