Jeff GoodSmith is a writer and a resident of the Uptown community. He's worked in the past with such musical establishments as WNUR-FM Evanston/Chicago and pitchforkmedia, and his cultural and musical opinions can be seen as rants on several websites. Jeff holds a degree in English from Northwestern University, and enjoys playing musical styles ranging from indie rock to oldies to electronica and anything in between. Jeff's Transistor Radio sets are accepted by most major HMOs, and when you listen in there is a 13 percent chance you will inherit a basket of puppies from an estranged uncle. You can find his writing online at,, and he is a longtime contributor to

Liz McCabe recently received a Ph.D. in English from Northwestern, where she wrote a dissertation about Victorian fiction and anthropology to a soundtrack of LCD Soundsystem, other dance music old and new, and The Velvet Underground. She currently teaches humanities courses for Northwestern undergrads interning in arts and cultural institutions across the city, and she runs the Chicago leg of 'Poetry Out Loud,' a national contest for high school students. She was raised on Simon & Garfunkel, Ella Fitzgerald, opera, Broadway, and '80s pop in the suburbs north of New York City.

Andy Miles has written for various publications on the arts, history & culture, made audio documentaries, worked in radio and public television, owned and operated a company specializing in congressional hearing transcripts, and since 2009 owned and managed Transistor. Born near Chicago and currently residing in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood, he has also called Madison, Washington, D.C., and Berlin home. He holds a bachelors degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and plays drums in four or five bands.

Amanda Walz is a lifelong music fan. In her infancy, she'd been known to cry until she heard her favorite Barry Manilow songs. She spent much of her adolescence at record stores and concert venues in the Detroit Metro area. In her 20s, she worked at a record store, had a DJ shift at a community college station, sang in a (horrible) surf punk band and bowled in a league. She studied art history and German language and graduated from Wayne State University in Detroit. Amanda moved to Chicago seven years ago and is currently working on her graduate degree in linguistics. A self-proclaimed feline enthusiast, Amanda has four cats. Her all-time favorite musician is Björk and she still avidly listens to plenty of '80s new wave.


Beginning in March 2010 Transistor Radio presented the semi-regular 'comedy quiz' show The Silent K, a celebration of obscure and/or useless information, a heady synthesis of junk food and junk culture: 'a party for smarties.' The show rewarded correctness with fabulous prizes (usually candy) and punished wrongness with mockery (and candy), and every show's best contestant had a chance to win a Transistor gift card. Co-hosted by Brian Hischier and Jeremy Pautz -- innovators in the fields of humorous interrogation and the tactical deployment of miscellany -- 'The Silent K' ran for more than a year, and most of the 22 episodes they produced are available from the audio player below, along with a 'Roundtable' interview the co-hosts sat for (actually, if memory serves, they were both standing). 

From January 2010 till July 2011 Transistor offered a weekly arts interview show, The Roundtable, hosted by Rani Woolpert (left) on Transistor Radio. In the course of that year-and-a-half run, her guests included jazz saxophonist Ken Vandermark, Lou Mallozzi of Experimental Sound Studio, musician Jon Langford, performance artist Julie Laffin, and filmmaker/scholar Daniel Eisenberg; those interviews are available below.